Firewood Information

Firewood can be delivered within 1 week of your order 

What type of wood should I select?

Softwoods are easy to ignite and burn faster with less heat, they are usually good to get your fire going and they dry out faster than hardwoods.

Hardwoods are very dense and take longer to ignite but will give off more heat. They take longer to dry than softwoods.

Most of our customers use a mixture to get the best out of their fire.

Our standard cut is 30-35cm in length. We can provide a smaller length of wood for a cutting fee of $50 per load. You will need to ring the office to make a special cut order.

Green wood is harder to burn than seasoned dry wood.

Most of our customers order at least 6mfor evening burning, more if they are heating their homes during the day.


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For phone orders please call 03-5784664


Delivery fees per 3m3 truck load

Within Blenheim central free delivery 

Grovetown $20.00 Havelock $45.00
Rapaura $30.00 Picton $40.00
Renwick $30.00 Rarangi $30.00
Spring creek $25.00 Seddon $45.00
Woodbourne $20.00 Tuamarina $25.00
Fairhall $15.00 Anakiwa $70.00
Wairau $45.00 Waihopai $45.00
Ward $55.00 

Canvastown $50.00

Okaramio $35.00